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I wanted to invite you all to follow my personal Tumblr and other sites if you aren’t already. As I am traveling and involved in other projects, I will unfortunately no longer be collaborating with Ana and will be leaving this Tumblr page. 

My personal Tumblr: sharnacious.tumblr.com 

And, while I haven’t had much time for photography or short films (yet!), I have been keeping up on my writing: 


I am also now a contributor for Thought Catalog: 


And am covering the Vanguard Programme for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival:

TIFF Vanguard

As well, Ana now has her own website where you can keep up with all of her amazing projects: 


high fives and cupcakes,


We’re having a bit of a cold snap here in Salt Lake City (where I, Siân, am currently living). And when I say a “cold snap in SLC”, I really mean a fairly normal Canadian winter. Aha. Anyway, it seemed like the perfect time to finish this little slice of summer lovin’. 

I wasn’t home a lot during the summer, but in the short time I was, Ana and I frolicked around in the woods and on the beach. It was super magical. Thanks for Nick for following us around in the woods and capturing all of our antics. I got stuck on a bridge at one point; luckily that footage “accidentally” disappeared. 

I won’t be home again until March, but I’m hoping Ana and I can go on another adventure and make some more siana magic. 


The always fabulous Nicole of Oh Dina! has started a new project on her blog called Must Know Mondays. As Nicole is a super fabulous person, she knows a lot of super fabulous people and she wants to share them with you. You’re welcome.

I was super flattered when she told me that I was going to be the first Must Know on her blog. Me? Really? Awwwwww. You can click on the picture to read the full post. 

And then you should buy a turban. Obviously.


Oh Dina! Polly Bow

Oh Dina! Akira Fascinator 

Oh Dina! Claudette Turban 

Oh Dina! Una Turban

Occasionally, super cool things happen to me. For instance, some photographs I took for Oh Dina! were featured on Plaid Magazine’s website the other day. Nicole of Oh Dina! excitedly told me a few days ago, but I was too busy at work to get excited myself. Later, I did a little happy dance. And now, I am sharing it all with you. 

You know, for bragging rights. This ain’t no humble brag, kids. It’s a full on brag.


PS - go buy lots of Oh Dina! pretties. Do it. 

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Possibly the best news to happen since, well, ever (really) is that my favourite millinery and hair accessories comany, Oh Dina!, has finally launched an online shop. OH YES THEY DID. I worked with Nicole of Oh Dina! over the summer as she was in the planning stages and could hardly wait for her fall launch. 

And then it happened a couple of weeks ago, but I was up to my eyeballs in work and couldn’t properly celebrate.

So, here it is, guys! Now there’s not excuse for why you don’t have one—or five—Oh Dina! pieces in your accessories collection. Seriously. Ya’ll need a turban. Right now.

Click here to shop your heart out.


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In the summer, Ana and I had the extreme pleasure of working with Megan Wappel of Megan Wappel Designs. Megan is a super sweet (hehe), super talented gal who specializes in event branding. She does everything from designing custom invitations to building the most delectable sweets table you’re little sugary heart could ever imagine.

We’ve been waiting patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for her new website to launch and we’re excited to announce that it went live this week. Please do go have a look at her amazing site:


And now that her website is live, we can finally share the amazing video we filmed with her. And, yes, everything DOES taste delicious (Ana and I checked for you.)



During my last week in NYC, I decided to go on an adventure to a place called Dead Horse Bay. Wait. I think I might have already blogged about this. I can’t remember. Dammit. Well, whatever, you can hear about it all over again. Due to crazy-times work schedule, I’m only now finishing up editing the pictures I took.


Anyway, Dead Horse Bay is down at the very bottom of Brooklyn. I took a train to the end of the line, then I took a bus to the end of the line, then I walked for a bit, and then I was there. 

The bay was used as a landfill in the early 1900s, and soon started to ‘splode with glass and other trash. The glass bits are the only thing that has survived the wear and tear of the tide going in and out over the years. It was one of the more surreal things I’ve ever seen. You are probably jealous you missed out on this grand adventure. Then again, you probably later referred to my adventure by using the word “schlep”. 

Please. I don’t schelp around beaches. I frolic.

(Frolic over to my website to see the rest of the pictures.)

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Bicyclette September Look Book: Dropouts 

Bicyclette September Look Book: Dropouts 

Bicyclette September Look Book: Dropouts 

It’s here, it’s here! The super amazing Bicyclette September look book shoot. We called it DROPOUTS, because—let’s face it—we’re way too cool for school. Especially when decked out in Bicyclette outfits. You’ll probably feel a little better about having to go back to school if you have some Bicyclette pretties, you know. 

You can see the rest of the look book HERE.

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