Um, can we talk for a moment about how freakin’ rad this music video is? First, put the song on mute and just watch it. I’m serious. Don’t worry; it will be okay, shhh, shhh. There you go. You can still survive without hearing T-Swift serenading you. It’ll be okay. Ahem.

Directed by Jake Nava, who has a super impressive music video resume ( Beyonce’s Single Ladies, Adele’s Someone Like You, and  Kanye’s Monster to name a few), this music video features gorgeous, quiet cinematography that perfectly captures gritty, real, snapshot moments of Nashville. It’s almost like a documentary-style scrapbook. And the shot on the horse at the beginning? Brilliant. The internet refuses to tell me who the cinematographer was, though. Boo. 

Okay, you can turn the volume back up and, hey, this is actually a really good song. Like, really. And, dang, T-Swift—you can really hold up your own with B.o.B. You go, Glenn Coco.