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In the summer, Ana and I had the extreme pleasure of working with Megan Wappel of Megan Wappel Designs. Megan is a super sweet (hehe), super talented gal who specializes in event branding. She does everything from designing custom invitations to building the most delectable sweets table you’re little sugary heart could ever imagine.

We’ve been waiting patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for her new website to launch and we’re excited to announce that it went live this week. Please do go have a look at her amazing site:

And now that her website is live, we can finally share the amazing video we filmed with her. And, yes, everything DOES taste delicious (Ana and I checked for you.)



On Sunday, Ana and I teamed up with our lovelies at Bicyclette to create some Photo Shoot Magic, which is the best kind of magic. Emily, Ana and Lara modeled, Sarah created the amazing hair styles, and my new friend Julia acted as super awesome assistant.

We drove out to Guelph to use a school as our set. Naturally, I got lost. But now Julia and I are very familiar with the industrial part of Guelph. We’ll take you on a tour sometime.

The school was full of awesome things, like inspirational posters, Richard Simmons dance videos, and an entire set of Baby-sitters Club books. Rad.

Check back soon for the release of the look book!


Posh Veils: A Moment For Love

It’s here, it’s here! Our teaser video to the August Bicyclette look book. This might be one of my favourite Bicyclette look books yet. Mostly because cupcakes and sprinkles. Then again, I tend to say that every month.

For this look book, we had the pleasure of working with a makeup and hair artist, which explains why the girls look extra lovely. Thanks to Ashley for doing such an amazing job. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d totally try that braided crown out sometime. You can check out Ashley’s work HERE

Paige will be launching the look book later this week and I’m super stoked for it to be out there in the world. Until then, enjoy Ana and I’s little teaser video. 


Phoenix // Bespoke by Bicyclette SS12

Lola // Bespoke by Bicyclette

Alice // Bespoke by Bicyclette SS12

Chloe // Bespoke by Bicyclette SS12

Why edit one project when you can edit two, is what I always say. I mean, sleep is totally overrated. Totally.

I’m cutting the Bicyclette August video look book right now. The pictures are all done and will be launching on the website shortly, along with a video. The weather was against us for the shoot, so we didn’t get as much as we’d hoped. But with a little editing magic, it’s coming together quite nicely. 

Also, it’s making me hungry. Damn cupcakes.


Filming is only half the battle. Knowledge is also half the battle. We think. Also, love is a battlefield. But that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is that after the filming comes the editing. Oh, the editing. We love editing, but it is very laborious and tired making.

And as our brains are super tired, this blog is going to be lacking in, uh, stuffs. Like, clever writing stuffs. Yeah. So everyone should just stop reading this nonsense and focus their attention back to the gorgeous screen grabs of our footage from Megan’s shoot.

- a very sleepy A & S.

Today was a super sweet day. Like, literally sweet. As in: full of sweets. We were shooting a little promo video for the absolutely delightful Megan Wappel of Megan Wappel Designs. She is a event designer extraordinaire, specializing in custom stationary, sweets tables, and everything in between. If Siân’s birthday wasn’t already tomorrow, she’d be hiring Megan to build her a deluxe sweets table for her special day.

Enjoy these Instagram pictures from our day. And yes, everything did taste as delicious as it looks.

- A & S. 

Today was probably one of the luckiest shoots I’ve ever had with Bicyclette. Paige and Emily had planned a fun, magical tea party themed shoot in the woods for us and while we were in hair/makeup (with the fantastic Ashley), it started to rain. Like, rain-rain. Maybe even rain-rain-rain. It was bad. 

But then, magically, right when our three models were all prepped and the cars were packed, it stopped raining. We rushed over to the location, and spent two hours shooting stills and video. And then, right when we were finished, the thunder cracked and it started pouring again. 

I feel like the weather was extra keen on us making a super awesome August look-book. And it totally owed us after all the mugginess. Ugh.

Here’s some Instagram shots from the day. Whee! 


For my birthday, my Mum got me a new external hard drive. I think it might be the best gift ever. (Except for the one Christmas I got a microwave and grocery store gift cards. That was the bestest best.) Ignoring the fact that my taste in gifts is comparable to a middle aged woman, I’ve now started the unfortunate task of organizing the files between my desktop, laptop, and old hard drives. 

But,good news, I found some goodies! Goodies are fun! I came across these instant shots from our Bicyclette Bespoke video shoot back in March. Awww, memories. 


Guess what! I’m in Canada. Yup. Also, Ana and I are creating something super duper fantastical. Magic, if you will. And you will when you see the end result. I mean, look how amazing the screen-grabs look. So good, am I right? And this is just ONE of THREE projects we’re working on this week. Yeah, we won’t be sleeping much. But that’s okay, because duh. 


In less than two weeks, I’ll be back in TO with this classy broad. We’re going to be making some photo/movie magic while I’m there. Bangarang. -S.

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